On the Last day of the Decade..

The last sun of the decade with a dim red glow
With a dulled gleam painted the sky orange-
The smoke from the banks froze on the river water
Like a blanket, on the chilly cold eventide;
The moon was a silent spectator, as was early for the dusk,
Veiled desire of the unblinking eye , the crescent-
To be a part of the confluence.

The unfathomable notion of time
Renders the state of being and non-being.
Being in the universe actuates the ripple
Waving through the unknown of the infinite macrocosm
Uptill a state of non-being,
A state of complete nothingness.

Where the imagination takes a dip
In the bottomless ocean of vacuity-
The infinity ends to the advent of nothingness.
Like the circle of death and life
The circle of existence; the world circles around
The state of nothing to something-
The pendulum oscillates from zero to infinity,
Like a circle, like a wave, on an infinite line.

The river flows with time, like time,
With the flow all will meet to nothingness-
The confluence keeps us blest whilst
We meet by the banks of the river-
The crescent will be the witness without a blink
Under the canopy of thousand twinkling stars.

The year ended on a sad note for me. But I realised that is the circle of life. It keeps on going like the river flows perpetually. I hope the coming year brings a lot of joy and success and the circle of life goes on without a break. A very Happy New Year to all and you all may have a wonderful decade.

Author: Srinanda Ganguly

A geologist by profession, art lover and photographs every little things, trying to write some thoughts.

4 thoughts on “On the Last day of the Decade..”

  1. Eternity is dancing on eternity like football. life is a dance of Time on the tunes of timeliness . nice and deep contemplations …… greetings and blessings …….. love all.


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