In Love In the Dark…

The sky is pouring, the winds are whistling-
Amidst all I can speak to you.
Within the rumbling clouds the incessant rain pours down-
In the heat-stricken void; I will speak my heart out.

Those words will not reach else’s ears,
In this recluse desolate ambience.
No one but us, feeling the darkness together
The rain denies to cease, as it draws in reliance.

The universe, the society is futile-
So is the clamour of life, so relentless.
Drink the ambrosia with your eyes-
Feel the heartfelt desires, the rest fades in the darkness.

If I speak a word to you just to lighten my heavy heart
Whom will it hurt, will it cause loss to?
Amid the torrent, in the warm corner, if I share
Whom will I perturb, will cause harm to?

The wind blows in speed, the thunder flashes frequent.
The words shall speak themselves, in reform
Which were unspoken for life—
O’ lover, in this rainstorm.

Author: Srinanda Ganguly

A geologist by profession, art lover and photographs every little things, trying to write some thoughts.

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