Kolkata and you…

Amidst the salty breeze and the cold zephyr,
The returning sails from the harbour
And the flying bags of thousand letters-
There is a city, a home or a dream to nurture.
A city full of you, a city full of me-
With thousand dreams in eyes, with a lot to gather
In every pavement, every corner there sings a man-
The song of love, stroking the long white feather.
The blue lights, the innumerable placards
Remain silent, while the air around fills with love;
The yellow curtains in the purple window
Carries the wind, through the stars to the farthest cove.

The entrance of the Nimtita Rajbari.

The sip of chai with that bit of the earthy flavour-
Every blooming Chatim flower inebriates every us;
Tilottama dresses up with all she has, the colours, the refined scents,
The strands of fairy lights as if like a canopy of stars.
Here every clock runs a bit slow,
But every second extra here taken is to add an extra glow-
No one returns with a broken heart, every time it works out,
‘Cause it works on magic, like the river with a graceful flow.
The city won’t forget, the way you have loved-
The city will keep you all in her heart
Lit with her neon lights, and the towering heights-
All will be kept, all in the melancholy of the city’s art.

Author: Srinanda Ganguly

A geologist by profession, art lover and photographs every little things, trying to write some thoughts.

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